'Fougasse' (1887 - 1965, Cyril Kenneth Bird)

One of Percy Bradshaw's successful students at the Press Art School (see Comics in the Database under Learning the Trade . He became Art Director then Editor of Punch. His professional name was derived from a French mine of erratic performance. In any study of the Sequential, Fougasse's work is central, not from his drawing style which once original, tended to stick where it was - but from his magnificent pictorial imagination. His pacing and economy are like those achieved in a every good film. His book of professional observations, The Good Tempered Pencil, is much recommended.


His Book Jackets


01 Stop or Go, Methuen 1938

02 You have been warned reprint 1956

03 Family Group, 1944

04 Home Circle Methuen 1945

05 Careless Talk Costs Lives

06 You have been warned 5th edition 1935

07 You have been warned endpapers

08 You have been warned, 1937 (1935)


each 19x 12 cms

05 You never know who's listening, Hitler and Goring sit behind you on the 'bus, from Fougasse, A School of Purposes, Fougasse Posters 1939 - 1945,' published 1946


09 "Excuse me, but can you tell me if there is a decent Hotel anywhere in Saltbeach" Punch Summer Number May 23 1927 17 x 23 cms

10 A constant theme from 1900, the despoilation of the environment by glaring posters. "The Killjoy" Punch's Almanack November 1 1926. 17 x 23 cms


A School of Purposes Fougasse Posters 1946

Colour drawings for Punch

Punch , The Revolving Door

Hill, Both Small and Great Beasts, date unknown, book cover

In Praise of Humour, Muller 1949, book cover

Drawing the Line Somewhere Methuen 1937

The Festival of PUNCH, 1951 Mistaken Views of the British, Mass Observation I and II