Goal : an armed, inspected, open world, July 1960
The Coming Term in Consumer Credit. March 1956

The Wild Birds find a corporate roost, August 1954
The mixed up war on poverty, August 1965
The Japanese Giant that wouldn't stay dead, November 1964

In the Pits at the Chicago Board of Trade, May 1962
Buildings that "Inflamed the Pride of the Citizenry, January 1965

Vanishing Glory in Business Buildings, September 1963
The World of Honeywell. May 1959 (single, detail )

What to do with $1,000,000 dollars
HOMO SAPIENS October 1964

a u-turn on LaSalle Street March 1966
Gadgets in Banks January 1960
The Price of Success at Chrysler Niov 1962

The Deep Out-of-Pocket Sport August 1962


Nick Solovioff was a gem. Jane Mull was delighted that he had answered the call to reflect on working for FORTUNE, the evidence of which is here to be found above. He also provided free flowing pen and ink vignettes as space fillers, always witty and beautifully drawn.


Nick Solovioff (1917-1994) see his letters to me beneath and his CV. He also illustrated covers for Ellery Queen and for many Science Fiction Magazines.



to CM August 1984
Solovioff CV