Philip Reisman (1904-1992) was born in Poland and came to America fleeing the Pograms in 1908. He was one of the Social Realist crowd, The Masses. WPA murals et al. "My art is not genteel art. It is an artist's attempt to identify himself with contemporary society and to use his intelligent symbolism to depict that society." See Martin Bush's book on the artist, People are his Passion, Wichita State University, 1986. He also illustrated books and taught in a school for Advertising Art. His first one man show was in New York in 1932 where no doubt he came to the attention of FORTUNE's art department.

The Macy imagery veers between a Reginald Marsh turbulence and a Rivera type satirical cartoon.Very interesting and great on the larger hairier paper used by FORTUNE in the 'Thirties.