01 A specialist Herbal this, relating plants and their structures to astrological predictions and properties - Leonhard Thurneisser zum Thurn, Historia sive Descriptio Plantarum Omnium , Berlin 1578.  
02 Otto Brunfels, Herbarum Vivae Eicones ad Naturae Imitationem a German Herbal printed in 1541/2,and the examples, it was emphasised, were drawn from nature.

03 Dominicus Chabreus, Stirpium Icones ... Geneva 1666. One of 4000 engravings of plants, herbs and growing things.

04 The First Great French Herbal Le Grand Herbier en francois, Le Caron Paris c1498
05 The First Great English Herbal , printed in 1526 by Peter Treuris.
06 from Conrad de Megenberg's Buch der natur ,Augsberg, 1475, and described in Charles Singer, From Magic to Science ,Benn, London 1928.