01 October 16th 1920 Dearth and Civil War in Ireland, digging coal in the US, US warning labour moths and candle, Bolshevik propaganda diamonds,

02 October 2nd 1920 Bolshevik coward, Cowboys and Indians gone to the movies. Man floored by economic news, Trotsky anti-Bolshevik cartoon from Italy

03 September 25 1920 Germany and Soviet Union World Conquest, US fat and rich, devil orderes bad weather, flimsy modern Swedish houses.

04 September 18 1920 crowded housing and balloons, French intervene in Poland, Hunting scene, Coal shortage US.



01 September 11th 1920 Man shaves at dinner table, anti-Bolshevik scrubbing for Russia, an electronic maid, Stockholm Farmer, housing and robbing landlords

02 January 28 1922 Lenin as the Devil, Cannes Conference squabbling doctors, Old and new taxes as bears, carrying parcels when shopping.

03 January 21st 1922 The New Year as numbers, Chinese puzle jigsaw, opponents to peace treaty in UK as caterwauling cat, French naval spending, traffic and the policeman.

04 January 14th 1922 pulling teeth from the god of war, cyclist and resourceful dog, Irish Free State as a Baby, power of the press as ironing.



01 January 07 1922, Llod George as a wild animal trainer, taxpayer and the war, impediments to getting the train in the morning, when doctors disagree.

02 December 31 1921 At Hamlet the German lack of culture, French impression of the German Police, Chinese puzzle jig saw, merry christmas and a dead santa, Burglar under the bed.

03 June 3rd 1922 the genie of Islam uncorked, women at the horseracing, a puritan trying to ban the moon, a Magic Hat (crossed eyes),

04 May 27th 1922 A Boxing scene and the boxer's wife, Bishop in a Dance hall in disguise, German Russian alliance, miners and owners in US coal dispute.



01 May 6th 1922, kids boast about swearing, meat shortages in Germany, UK predicament in India, the Soviet delegation aqt Genoa.

02 April 29th 1922 Witch and vacuum cleaner, British Empire as a lion with a long tail on the Globe. Lenin and Lloyd George negotiate at Genoa.