It is an endearing feature of top flight American advertising that the product frequently generates a Unique Selling Proposition.

One favourite,"It's Toasted!"- oh yeh,and so what?

But you never question it.

Even when the various brands/marques are indistinguishable (perhaps because of it) some factor has to be available and compulsive to clich the deal. If this is not possible an interceding Figure has to be present that iaddresses the potential purchaser. Otherwise the consumeris is reduced to some dumb act like banging the thing with a gloved fist ( "Pound for Pound"...gettit?)

The Interceding Angel can be Female - a skimpily clad women deployed on the Bonnet of the Car. Better for the Family Purchaser is the Scientist or Skilled Mechanick.

Just look at 14,and the Mechanick's sheer gravity of expression so skillfully caught in the fill light. Look at the precision instrument held like a surgical probe.His hair will never flop forward into the grinding cogs.It is fused to his scalp.

The Mechanic's argument is - "Look at this - we both know this is vital...and isn't it great? You'll find this in a Rolls Royce too ...Oh yes you will."

In 03. 04, 06 and 07, the proposition is put to the Consumer by a range of figures of authority.

In 03 the proposition is so feeble it has to addressed to a Child while his Mother looks on, amused at his receptivity to the Sitting Machine. The proposition can be sensible, imparted by a grease monkey on the subject of corrosion in 04.

Best is 07 (Car Comfort Test) where a white coated assistant measures the action space made available to Lovers whose every caress is visible through the front of the Car. A surly chaperone (perhaps played by Ray Collins) watches their every move from the back. They seem cheerful enough despite his malign presence.

"No, that model of a Plymouth car body isn't going any place..."is added in case you are so dim as to believe they mean it for the Highways. The new No Wheels Option.

When all else fails the Car is visualised as a Magic Carpet (Packard)