These images present a perfect world of travellers on the road in ways that none of us have ever experienced. I am happy to contemplate this Utopia on the page but reluctant to participate.

It is significant that none of these vehicles appears to be in motion. In fact they are in perfect stasis - to be contemplated. The only car on the move above is seen front on (Lincoln 1950).

"Possession makes the heart beat faster..." aseems the key for Advertising then,allowing you access to Ballistic Missiles and the Golf Course. Today the things sweep through the innocent landscape (often in the Third World) where no Car has ever been before, and the Tuareg marvel sat the Spectacle.

If other craft are marooned while the Car shoots past, even better - and the complacent Owner smirks. Speed on.

The Ford advertisement (V8 or 6) is unusual for its use of art work comedy, and the jaunty Totem Pole (a favourite motif to justify a range of opinions in American advertisments). The final figure at ground level bears the artist's signature and the V8 sign as well as the World itself. Cheeky stance here with boots and jeans, not normally found on the usual Totem Pole.