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left - "Aesop and the Fly", from the 1495 illustrated edition, published by Piero Pacini.

middle- The Ware,Hitch and Hodge edition of 1747, Aesop Fables , with his Life, Morals and Remarks , Aesop illustrated in the Frontispiece

right - from Ogilby's Fables of Aesop , London 1651, the titlepage. Compare with the French edition of La Fontaine above.

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left - Aesop introduction to the House of Xanthus.From the Vita et Fabulae , Naples 1485

middle - Supposed portrait of Aesop from the collection published by Phortzheim in Basle in 1501 and one of 335 woodcuts in this edition. Aesop is surrounded by small motifs taken from the fables.

right - Jean de la Fontaine, Fables Choisies mises en vers, Desaint/Saillant/ Durand, 1755 to 1759.