"Judge then of my delight when, on digging into the top of the mound on the north side of the eastern court [Copan] , I came upon the unmistakeable signs of the sides of a doorway, and the remains of an elaborate cornice running along the top of the interior wall of a chamber..."quoted Graham p135

BIBLIOLOGIA CENTRALI-AMERICANA (1889-1902) by A.P.Maudslay eventually appeared in four volumes of plates, and two volumes of narrative text. In my grouping under volume 1, are representations of inscriptions, stele, sites and glyphs from Copan. In my second grouping is of plates of Chichen Itza and Tikal. The original publication was in confusing assemblages of separate parts. His publisher's stock was acquired by Quaritch who brought out a definitively organised collected edition at £180.00. The photographs are almost entirely Maudslay's own with interpretative drawings by Annie G. Hunter and Edwin J.Lambert, from Maudslay's photographs and from plaster and paper casts taken on site. Maudslay himself drew the maps and diagrams. See Ian Graham's Alfred Maudslay and the Maya, The British Museum Press 2002.

"the work of packing and transporting the moulds to the port was one of even greater difficulty than bringing the material, for there were over a thousand pieces of plaster moulding of all shapes and sizes with delicate points and edges which had to be protected from the slightest jar and large paper moulds, some of which measured nearly five feet square." Graham p.115