Mayan was a marvellous illustrator operating within the so-called hyper-realist style. He managed great visual invention, possessed excellent powers of drawing, and entertained his readers with an inventive set of references within the images.
top row - Most glorious of all are his covers for the Saturday Evening Post, and the illustrations to fiction within, but he also was responsible for a lot of adverts in the press and periodical world. I have seen no reference to him in the usual reference books, but would like to pay this small tribute to him and his skills as a commercial illustrator.

cover 01

cover 02

cover 03


second row

01 Saturday Evening Post, March 1961 27 x 34cms

02 Saturday Evening Post illustration to The Little Store on Blecker Street,1966, 27 x 34cms,(all of right hand page, small panel to the left not shown)
03 (my favourite exercise in point of view and dramatic colour) , Saturday Evening Post, February 1955. 27 x 27 cms.

third row

01 Saturday Evening Post, illustration c1957

02 illustration to The Frightened Wife, 14 x 17cms, Saturday Evening Post, c1955

03 26 x 26cms, illustration, the Saturday Evening Post feb 1954

04 advert for Roy Rogers marketables, 23 x 31 with detail December 1956.