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"He lives in a museum - alone - and likes it - keeps snakes as pets, is fanatically interested in primitive things, and does all his creative work at night,.. He doesn't make preliminary studies. He begins his pictures by completely finishing the head of the central figure; until this is rendered to his entire satisfaction he will not touch the work elsewhere." (E.W.Watson, Forty Illustrators and How They Work ,op.cit. 1946).

His central theme, Riggs said, was "people and light".


01 a Hortonsphere in the Wyandotte Glycol plant, advert for Wyandotte June 1950 21 x 26cms.

02 Spraying the inside of a railway car to prepare it for the transportation of caustic soda, advert for Wyandott Sept. 1950 21 x 26cms

03 advert for Philadelphia Electric , June 1955 15 x26 cms