Robert Thom

An illustrator specialising in historical reconstruction. His masterworks are the series for Parke-Davis - the American drug company. Although not as painterly as Sorrell he is master of the classically balanced composition, and figures set in credible spaces. He shows many intriguing touches that demonstrate a familiarity with the Old Masters. Here are a few images from his great series;


01  The great physician Galen.
02 The 'stormy petrel' Paracelsus (1493 - 1541).
03 G.B.Morgagni, Professor of Anatomy at Padua who published On the Seats and Causes of Disease in 1761.




01 A scene in a medieval hospital. Here the Hotel-Dieu in Beaune, founded in 1443.
02 Medecine in Ancient Egypt, an Egyptian doctor c1500 BC.