a selection of her illustrative works


The Book of Prehistoric Animals 1935

The Book of Insect Oddities 1938

Where Did Your Garden Grow c1947

The Gulf Stream 1945
Sharp Ears, the Baby Whale 1938



"After training at the Ontario School of Art, I worked for a year or more in an advertising agency in Toronto. In 1914 I came to New York, primarily to study, but ultimately to remain. I went to Italy in 1921 to make the illustrations for two books... by Carl Spitteler. ... My work with the late Raymond L. Ditmars brought me into the field of natural history, a collaboration I have always felt to be a rare privilege. This collaboration was responsible for the kind of illustration I have done ever since..." other books demanded much research, "but it was through my work with Mr.Ditmars that I found the combination of illustration and research a pleasurable one, albeit exasperating on many occasions."

written for Viguers, Dalphin and Miller, Illustrators of Children's Books 1946 -1956, Horn Book Boston 1958.Her papers are held by University of Minnesota Libraries Children's Literature Research Collections.