This is the entire book. The page size is 22 x31 cms. The book is larger than many of the others included in this Crane section of the archive, and looks overblown and excessive. It is certainly without the simple charm of the Toy Books. But it does represent Crane at his decorative best on the single and double page. He seems to me to be a master of the proportions of the page, its divisions and subdivisions, its panels, spaces and patterns. Taking the theme of each song he plays with the idea in a main composition. This can be an unchallenging couple of soppy lovers, arranged around a casement window perhaps. But the minor incident is always interesting and visually balanced. Note the footsteps in Jog On.

The pages with a sepia line drawing begin the book and the musical staves emerge. Crane is present in his bird emblem, and the composer Theo Marzials as a very goatish satyr, perhaps too close to the Ladies to Whom the book is dedicated. A Cupid in a printer's hat (Edmund Evans?) brings the Pan Pipes 'To all You Ladies'. The contents and title page are rich in event and decoration, and being Evans, beautifully printed with clear and transparent colours.



The Songs



The Passionate Shepherd

Pastime with Good Company

The Hunt is Up

Jog On

It was a Lover and his Lass

In the Merry Month of May

Phyllida flouts me

My Lodging is in the cold Ground

A Poor Beggar's Daughter

The Bailiff's Daughter

The Spanish Lady

To all You Ladies

Drink to me only with Thine Eyes

Now O Now I needs must part

O Mistress Mine

Love will Find Out the Way

The Seeds of Love

Early One Morning

O Willow Willow

The Three Ravens


Sir Simon de Montfort

The Leather Bottel

The Hunter in his Career

We be Soldiers Three

The Girl I've Left Behind Me

Black-eyed Susan

We be Three Poor Mariners

The Mermaid

It was a Maid of my Countree

My Lady Greensleeves

Barbara Allen

Sally in Our Alley

How Should I your true love know

Near Woodstock Town

Since first I saw your face

When the Bright God of Day

Who Liveth so Merry

Come Lasses and Lads

Phyllis on the new made hay

Harvest Home