In researching Leighton for my PhD I was eager to identify innovatory classicism of the period 1855 to 1865. I was interested in Edward Armitage just starting to develop a reputation as a muralist and who had studied with Delaroche.

to Edward Armitage and St John's Islington. Sea Urchins is a rare treat.





It is obviously from contemporary criticism that Flandrin's mural scheme for the choir and sanctuary of the Chuch of Saint-Germain-des-Pres (1842-1848) attracted much attention for its abstracted forms, and flattened freize like compositions running the length of the choir. I loved the mural work at the Church of S.Vincent de Paul which was surrounded at the time of our visit by the Riot Squad.

Nicholas Penny in the LRB September 2020 and some celebrated work. A self portrait and two male nudes