Ralph Gore Antony Groves- Raines (b.1928)

Born in Ireland (1913 according to some), he was educated at CambridgeUniversity and abroad, originally intending to be a diplomat. At some stage he decided to become an artist

He is particularly associated with ingenious and witty images for the Irish brewers GUINNESS, for children's books such as The Tidy Hen, and posters for London Transport. According to Brian Sibley (The Book of Guinness Advertising 1985) the artist made all his motifs in plasticene incorporating real flowers and props before drawing.

He seems to resurrect the spirit and compositional massing of Dickie Doyle, but with more pictorial flair. If ever there was a neglected artist deserving of a monograph it is Groves-Raines, not for any startling stylistic developments but more sheer visual invention and true decorative ability.

01, 02 Alice in Wonderland and booze, September and October 1954, 18 x 26cms



illustrations to Hans Christian Andersen
WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT , designed for GUINNESS 1961. 16 x 23.5 cms. He specialised in a trompe l'oeil style which was popular with readers and consumers. Reproductions of his work were to be had from GUINNESS head offices in London.

A GUINNESS SPORTSFOLIO, designed for GUINNESS . 16 x 23.5 cms

The Life of Sir Francis Drake for the Children's Wonder Book in Colour 1949