The story is essentially one that could have been used in an Image d'Epinal , or indeed could be seen as a relative of Struwwelpeter - an excess (here gastronomic) leads to a punishment, and then to redemption. What makes this a more modern concept is that the pictures are all about scale, both in a psychological context, and in terms of what drawing and compsoition can achieve. While the diminution of scale can be seen as a variant on Alice in Wonderland, what JOB does is explore the visual implications of this, invoking a sort of proto-surrealist world of threat and forgiveness, the fusion of the ordinary and the marvellous.

The pacing of the images through the books is exemplary and confident, note the transition to silhouette and then back. The colour printing, as in French books of this period, is superb - see also the work of Boutet de Monvel.


page size 22 x 29 cms

THAT COLLAR (The Picture Magazine 1893)