BRUCE ANGRAVE (1914 - 1983) had a characteristically whimsical Anglo-Saxon sensibility which sharpens considerably when he has a challenge. The London Opinion cover demanded a scene of caddish behaviour by a Don Juan with a comic moustache. The damsel is often in distress and usually passive in the context of her seduction. This is unlike the LILLIPUT cover which has a rule of the continuites of the couple and their dog.


LONDON OPINION eventually ceases to satisfy. The contents are largely undistinguished without the imaginative commissioning of Stefan Lorant and his successors at LILLIUT. Angrave often works in paper models. His airbrush techniques can often simulate the appearence of paper modelling. He went on later to design for Television. His type of illustration, influenced by Lewitt-Him and Eckersley was much admired in America of its Britishness, and the contrast it provided to slick Yankee Humour.


The last image on the second row is by Norman Thelwell whose style also uses the London Opinion policy of undermining.