Feodor Rojankovsky

An illustrator born in Russia, who made his reputation in France and settled in America. He was prodigiously gifted and found colours in combination nobody else ever tried. His first major book was Daniel Boone - a huge book with astonishing page designs.

DANIEL BOONE Historic Adventures of an American Hunter among the Indians. DOMINO PRESS PARIS 1931

Endpapers for I Like the City, reproduced in the soft pastel style of the mid fifties. Roja nevertheless in one of his most conventional books shows some fine drawing in posture and accessory, while sustaining narrative detail.
Here - brilliantly observed detail of an ordinary street scene with
sudden stridencies of colour in a mainly tertiary scheme. Illustrations to I Like the City (various authors) a book for kids published by Silver Burdett, Morristown NJ page size 20 x 23cms.

The Pere Castor Series for Flammarion

for Rojan see PHAEDRUS, An International Annual of Children's Literature Research, Volume II 1985, " Feodor Rojankowsky and Esther Averill."
The Domino Press was established in Paris but left for New York in 1934. Rojan also illustrated POWDER (1933) and FLASH (1934) for Domino before it moved.

  To the complete Daniel Boone 1931

  advertisement for Cat food September 1947

'Kew Gardens' Southern Electric Railway Poster 1941 from The Artist Magazine