Embrasement Deplorable De La Machine Aerostatique Des Srs. Miolan Et Janinet Le Dimanche 11 Juillet 1784. Colored etching of a burning balloon surrounded by an angry crowd that is tearing it apart and adding wood to the fire. Scene is a representation of the failed attempt of Miolan and Janet to fly from Paris on 11 July 1784. At five in the afternoon, with the balloon still on the ground, the crowd lost patience and set it alight. Print shows the balloon of Abbe Miolan and Janinet on fire and billowing smoke while being inflated for an ascension on July 11, 1784 at the Luxembourg gardens in Paris. Abbe Miollan, as a cat, and Janinet, as an ass, walk away as the fire is being fought. The print ridicules the attempt of Abbe Miolan and Janinet to ascend in a hot air balloon.