Lewis and the Crowd


Wyndham Lewis and the Book.

June 1914, BLAST 1 , containing The Enemy of the Stars, a play. Later Timon of Athens portfolio.

July 1915 BLAST2.

1918 Tarr , his novel about artists.

1921, edits a magazine The Tyro.

1926, The Art of Being Ruled, first political polemic.

1927, January, The Enemy No.1 , Sept., No 2

1928, The Childermass , apocalyptic novel.

1929, The Enemy No.3.

1930, The Apes of God , satirical novel.

1950, Rude Assignment, an autobiographical novel.

1953, entirely blind.  


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Wyndham Lewis and BLAST ;

"BLAST signifies something constructive and destructive. It means the blowing away of old ideas and worn-out notions. It means (according to the Anglo-Saxon interpretation) a fire or flame." Daily News , April 7th 1914.