Various Servants Grovelling

It is a marvellous narrative conceit that in the midst of the Mass market, the unit of volume production is brought to you on an individual basis. Hence the invention of the Brand Character who is a maid, a butler, the Gardener, anybody who can lean forward with an ingratiating but subservient smile, while holding out the PRODUCT.

Chef Boy-Ar-Dee has an uncomfortable resemblance to Adolf Hitler, here a detail from an ad from 1958.

Here (right) is an example of the Retainer, named Old Hethers, and he is known by his formidable mutton chop whiskers and bald head. He offers us a bottle of the stuff. But hold - look at the copy, "All play is thirsty work, Sir," so this unisex product has been brought by Old Hethers to the Master of the House. How light wristed and debonair the gesture, how conspiratorial the glance. July 1952



Shapes to serve you, plastics advertisement July 1960
We Photographed Him in the Nick of Time, Four Roses c1938


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see also the Gardener