Total Disasters

There are some brand characters (many perhaps) that are conceived in hope, launched in belief and withdrawn in embarrassment. Here are some that might have had memorable qualities, but they were ephemeral - that is, dumped immediately.


01. a delightfully dim concept of Mr Controls - a sort of rheostat. August 1953, US electrical company.

02. Mr.FRIB has an awful name, a pathetic presence, a doomladen product and is badly drawn. I call that a complete disaster but there is still something about him that sticks in the memory.
03. A fine example of the negative brand character - the very epitome of malignity, SKIMPY WIRING, an heroic invention for Kennecott Copper. Here the Total Disaster is the fate of that bijou dwelling. How ingenious the anatomic structures ! How unnerving the creature that lights a cigarette from one of his own extremities ! "That's him all right - Skimpy Wiring - the villain responsible for the electrical woes of homeowners all over the nation." April 1956 22 x 24cms.