Brand Characters ;
Duchess of the Kitchen
What is a Home Service Personality ? It takes some thinking through but it is an invented (usually female) character who represents a product to its market (usually female). Gender nuances are permitted only when the product can be acquired by members of the other sex. The male equivalent is the fictional builder ( Jewson's TV Ads ) and service staff (Old Heathers of Robinson Barley Water ).

Whatever the Invented Personality, some mighty subtle characterisation went into...

Betty Crocker ( General Mills)
Martha Logan (Swift products - meat mostly)
Beatrice Cooke (Meadow Gold)
Frances Barton (General Foods)
Mary Hale Martin (Libby's)

the age of the character
costume and adornment
her husband/family/dog
income bracket
age association
how the character develops
how refreshed
And of course - there is some mighty crass characterisation as well.