Sometimes there can be a characteristic exhibited by a brand character that is pursued to the detriment of everything else, including the product. Kool's Penguin doggedly pursues the brand name and aspects of a cool smoke. The Penguin however is a bird to be found by the million on unfriendly icy wastes unsuitable for human habitation. You can't tell one from the other. Crucially, the beak is most unsuitable for grasping the product. Indeed the beak sometimes appears to be a cigarette. Its beady eye and inflexible flippers are capable of no nuances of expression and gesture - no sexy interchange, no unchecked relish at consumption. The waxy flap of the flipper here has to provide a persuasive grip on the bow and arrow while, in the other figure, express nonchalance.

Today the bird represents a chocolate biscuit and that seems just about right.