The campaign to integrate design with marketing, with consumer needs and with the attributes of the civilised society are neatly encapsulated in the forty years of CCA advertising. The main themes are 1. the imagery of the various American States by a denizen, 2. Great Ideas of Mankind, and 3. a slow descent into the full face direct gaze of the Pert Young Thing, with or without infant. Commissioned artists included the International Modernists (Bayer, Carlu, Cassandre), the lesser known provincial artists, and the immigrants.

The philosophical thrust of the campaign had a certain nobility, deflecting the Creatures of Mammon from a concentration on the Bottom Line to the values of Humanism; extolling that liberal democracy so much under attack in these Trumpish times. There are some genuinely powerful images devoted to the unpromising theme of packaging and the Cardboard Box.You'll find surprising work by artists found elsewhere on the Visual Telling of Storeies, Stuart Davis, Richard Lindner, Honore Sharrer, W.H.Allner, Barney Line, Philip Evergood and Feliks Topolski. There are also some lacklustre sloshing about in pigment.

The trajectory of the campaign is helpfiul in modelling the development of postwar Graphic Design. in negiations between home and abroad, the role of letterforms in the design, the marketing challenges of the product in Peace time and at War, the representation of cultures beyond the United States.

This may appear to you an overkill. I want this tabulation to be regarded as a tribute to Walter Papecke and the CCA. There is a gallery structure allowing you to browse.

GRAPHIS 30, 1950 a useful summary by the Art Director Egbert Jacobson who has produced his own designs at times.

at his desk (Youtube) and the commissioning of artist

The Paepckes and the Aspen Institute

ANONYMOUS and Illegible

PAPERBOARD, America's Packhorse 1936
A Whale of an Industry 1936
PAPERWEIGHT, four million tons of paperboard, a ship's prow
Will your package really care for your product January 1963
Army and Navy June 1943 (Pearl Harbour recruitment)
Ts'ai Lun, Darned Clever these Chinese, invention of paper February 1941
Bon Voyage to the Traveller, safety of goods
Lincoln, message to Congress 1861, 1968
Names of Renown, brands on paperboard
The Seventh Wonder of the World (Colossus at Rhodes)
The US production (paperboard and paper) for 1935
Pulp Materials , trimmed wood and boxes (Lesmo?) November 1941
How did you know what I like a package to be? September 1961 (the woman speaks)





PERSIA ABBAS 1944, Through ancient Iran weapons and foods flow to Russian fronts in paper packages.
W.H.ALLNER , Declaration of the Rights of Man, Limits of Liberty, September 1952
JOHN ATHERTON, Thomas Jefferson. popular sovereignty


RAYMOND BALLINGER , John Stuart Mill on freedom of speech 1953
RICHARD BARNES, Iowa, woman and pig 1947
HERBERT BAYER, paper that goes to war...recycling 1939
HERBERT BAYER, Weakness into Strength (House of Cards versus a box) July 1941
HERBERT BAYER, The news that's never read, 1939
HERBERT BAYER, Destiny of an old Directory (recycling)
HERBERT BAYER, Fire Steals, don't waste paper June 1942
HERBERT BAYER, Ugly Duckling of the Office 1939 (recycling)
HERBERT BAYER, Aim High, Military Production , November 1943
HERBERT BAYER, waste paper to package, Save Waste Paper
HERBERT BAYER, Ralph Waldo Emerson on a civilised nation
HERBERT BAYER, Wittgenstein The Limits of my Language
HERBERT BAYER, Billions of Powdered Eggs October 1938
HERBERT BAYER,Paperboard packs a Mighty Wallop
LESTER BEALL , Missouri, July 1946
MAX BILL , Kant on Citizenship
ROBERT BRADY , Goethe on Man's Happiness April 1952
SYDNEY BUTCHKES , Kentucky April 1948


CAMPBELL (?), critical packaging materials replaced by paper board, April 1943
JEAN CARLU, Repaying Nature's Riches, Florida farming
JEAN CARLU, Gift Packages for Hitler
JEAN CARLU, New Skills from War. December 1943
MARIO CARRENO , Cuba Libre November 1945
CASSANDRE, Diversification , a package for every product
CASSANDRE, Diversification corrugated and solid fibre
CASSANDRE, Concentration (three profiles in circular form)
CASSANDRE, Reclamation from city waste paper 1937
CASSANDRE, Integration, a single organisation
CASSANDRE, Strength and Beauty 1937
CASSANDRE, Paradox March 1938
CASSANDRE, Mobilisation, science art and martketing services
CASSANDRE, First in Development 1937
CASSANDRE, Versatility, unique facilities for packaging a watch, January 1938
CASSANDRE, First in Research
CASSANDRE, United Nations May 1946
CASSANDRE, Repaying Nature's Riches February 1942
BOB CATO, Louisiana November 1947
FRED CONWAY,Abraham Lincoln on deserving freedom March 1953 , note the size of the artwork in the office film above.
COVARUBBIAS, To all the Americas
COVARUBBIAS, No land is strange to US paper packages today (Easter Island)
BEN CUNNINGHAM, Nevada October 1949



PAUL W. DARROW, , Indiana, June 1948
STUART DAVIS, Pennsylvania October 1946
WILLEM DE KOONING, Liberation of the Netherlands
HAZARD DUFEE, Rhode island
HAZARD DUFEE, Henry Thoreau Dec 1953


PHILIP EVERGOOD, Australia 1945


NEIL FUJITA. Thomas Paine and the Value of Freedom
JAMES FLORA . Ohio December 1947



EDWARD E GALLOB, Woodrow Wilson on limiting the power of government August 1953
JOSEPH GERING , West Virginia June 1949
MORRIS GRAVES , Oregon December 1948 and mentioned on the film above.


WILLIAM HALSEY, South Carolina
HALTY-DUBE, ALLY Uruguay September 1945
JEAN HELION, Paper saves Metal, Uruguay September 1945
TANA HOBAN, Rousseau, education for citizenship


JOHANNES ITTEN, The education of the human race....June 1967


EDGAR JACOBSON , Safe Delivery all over the world
EDGAR JACOBSON , John Dewey on Democratic action
EDITH JAFFY, Montesquieu on the nature of Liberty November 1941
MERVIN JULES, Wisconsin , January 1948


LEON KARP Hobbes on War and Peace
E.MCKNIGHT KAUFFER, Montana August 1946
E.MCKNIGHT KAUFFER, Dostoevsky on Freedom of Conscience September 1953
E.MCKNIGHT KAUFFER, One integrated Flow of Production
LEON KELLY , Goethe on Truth and Error
GYORGI KEPES , Paperboard packaging and the chambered nautilus
GYORGI KEPES , Socrates on doing right or wrong, January 1959
GYORGI KEPES , packaging design, an exact science,
GYORGI KEPES , Fibre, the essential element December 1938
GYORGI KEPES , Responsibility, Stability, Integrity and Experience
KARL KNATHS, Wisconsin March 1948
C.F.KORTEN, Michigan (seen in the film in Paepcke's office)


FERNAND LEGER, France Reborn, June 1945
RICHARD LINDNER, Emmanuel Kant, Critique of Pure Reason
RICHARD LINDNER, Eternal Summer of the Table
LEMUEL LINE, Montesquieu on the duty of a citizen , November 1952
LEO LIONNI. To the East Indies 1945
LEO LIONNI (?). Pine Tree to Package -one organisation
LEO LIONNI (?). Protecting America's Protection august 1941
LEO LIONNI. Joseph Addison on Education December 1950
JOSEPH LOW, Socrates onthe Good of Man July 1952


KEITH MARTIN, Nebraska, January 1947
HERBERT MATTER, 4 stories groceries , feet ascending stairs
HERBERT MATTER, world travelers all September 1941
HERBERT MATTER, Paperboard fills the Soldier's pack February 1943
HERBERT MATTER, Founder of an Industry (wasp's nest)
HERBERT MATTER, Fair Today - Every day protecting goods from the weather
HERBERT MATTER, Clean Packages instead of dirty hands
JOHN MCCRADY, Mississippi May 1949
LASZLO MEITNER , Spinoza on self control
JAMES MINNICKS, District of Columbia
MONNAST, Paperboard rides the road to War, August 1943
HENRY MOORE, Packages of support for Britain at war June 1949


COSTANTINO NIVOLA Packaging Saves Money, Piggy Bank September 1947




ALFRED PELLAN,Neighbour (Canada) March 1945
YUDISHTHIRA PRAJAPATI, The Goddess of Plenty feeds India's multitudes




BOARDMAN ROBINSON, Colorado April 1957


PETER SEKAER. Freed Flag, Denmark , October 1945
BEN SHAHN , John Locke on the purpose of government November 1950
HONORE SHARRER, Horace Mann on the nature of Education September 1953
ROSS SHATTUCK, North Dakota 1949
JEROME SNYDER, New York, June 1947
MACK STANLEY, Texas, 1949
CHARLOTTE STERNBERG, Connecticut March 1947
SZE, To China May 1944


MARK TOBEY, Washington
FELIKS TOPOLSKI, de Toqueville on the goals of equality February 1952
WILLIAM TRAHER, Wyoming, March 1949


JERRY UELSMAN William Faulkner
ELAINE URBAIN Montaigne on being a citizen of the world September 1950


JEAN VARDA. Epictetus on doung right


CHARMION VON WEIGAND, Schurz, Nothing that is wrong in principle...
CECIL WEST, Tennessee March 1949
ARTHUR WILLIAMS, Massachusetts
ARTHUR WILLIAMS, Dr. Johnson on Happiness
ARTHUR WILLIAMS, Alexander Hamilton on Human Nature and Government July 1950


ZEPF, Integration
ZEPF, Under One Control May 1938
ZEPF, Stability, Balanced Control of raw materials etc
ZEPF, Youth tempered with experience October 1938
ZEPF, Harmony. Men Materials etc






Great Ideas, Ortega y Gasset 1958 (green)
Great Ideas,Kierkegaard, Journals December 1958 (red)



The only way I know it's your product is by the package..." December 1958
I loved your product this morning because the packet in came in was so easy to open (sic)
How do you know what I like a package to be? September 1966