01 The departure of winter. What you want to leave so soon ?... You, our strongest ally !... litho 1864, two Russian Generals plead with a figure representing Winter

02 Nadar elevating photography to the height of art, litho., 1862

03 The Danger of Wearing Hooped Skirts at the time of the Equinox, litho 1857

04 Dreaming she has won the Lottery, litho., 1851

05 The Inconvenience of an Umbrella with a Complicated Mechanism, litho, 1847

06 Past Present Future litho., January 1834

06 Gargantua litho1831

08 masks of 1831 - Leading Politicians.

09 Sorry, Sir... Am I in your Way ?.., litho., 1844 ; from The Blue Stocking series.

10 Foreigners in Paris - the Great Water Displays at Versailles, litho., 1844

11 A counsel who is apparently filled with the deepest conviction that his client will pay him well... 1845. From The Lawyers.

12 Killing time while waiting for the Exhibition to open, 1855.

13 European Balancing Act, 1867, and an uncanny prophecy of the disasters of 1870 - the Franco-Prussian War and the Commune.

14. The News of the Day - The Cursed Year, 1872, looking back over the terrible year of the Commune.

15 The Third Party outwitted !.... 1834, rejoicing at one's political foes

16 I say, Madam, I prefer my soup bald....1840. with quotation from Victor Hugo (detail of expression)

17 Between eleven o'clock and midnight..., 1844, the look of suspicion and fear (detail).

18 The Fifth Act of the Gaiete, 1848

19 The Orchestra during the performance of a tragedy, 1852(detail)