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These images register the contribution of the printer. Each firm had its own characteristic device, but over the years, varied the iconography. They are here reproduced as large as I can decently manage, to celebrate their extraordinary wealth of detail and economy of means.

01. Richard Harrison London,1562. In an edition of Calvin's Institution of Christian Religion

02. Rembolt, Paris, Paris,c1520. From an edition of Froissart. The elephant with fortification attached is a familiar motif in Western Art, deriving from the early plate in the early classic illustrated book, Hypnerotomachia Poliphilii

03. Amboise Girault, Paris, 1528/9 in an edition of Le Maire des Belges .The Pelican feeding its young on blood from its breast is a traditional symbol of selfless charity.

04.1548 two devices from books printed by Aldus in Venice, on the left for a Greek Dictionary of 1549 and on the right a Latin Dictionary of 1526/7

05. Gorgonzola in Milan in 1514, for a book on Terentius.

06. Device of Wolfgang Stoeckel of Munich for a book published in 1515.

07 Paulus Guarini and J.J. de Benedictus. printed and published in Forli, 1495.

08. Melchior Lotter, Leipzig, 1513.

09. Wynkyn de Worde, London,1533.To Walter Hilton's Scala Perfectionis.

10.Froissart's Chronicles, the 1514 Paris edition by Guillaume Eustace.

11. R.Gourmont 1506 ; printed often in red at the front and black at the back.

12. T.Martens, Louvain 1516

13. J.Petit, Paris, 1506.

14. Georg Wolf, Paris, 1494.

15. Rembolt Paris 1527

16. Morgiani and Petri, Firenze, 1495.

17. device used by the stationer Henry Pepwell, the last of the booksellers at the sign of the Trinity in St.Paul's Churchyard, London - here on his copy of a book before 1523. He was mentioned in the will of Wynken de Worde in 1534.

18. left Plato de Benedictis, Bologna 1495 and right Bened.Hectoris, Bologna, 1499.

19. two devices by Hornken for editions of Apuleius published in Paris - left 1512, and right 1517

20. P.Mareschal and B.Chaussard, Lyons c 1496


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