A. Seed merchant's Pavilion, Watkins and Simpson Ltd, by Leslie Glencross. Crittall Windows dispaly, a general picture of the exhibition,, and a garden by Jackman of Woking.

B. Pilkington and Twyford, Pottery; Royal Doulton pavilion interior. Mining Poster by McKnight Kauffer. Brunner Mond stand by Clough Williams Ellis (paintings by Cosmo Clark; interior of the Brunner Mond.

C. Cross and Blackwell Building by Muntzer and Sons, 2 views of the outside and two of the inside.

D.The Palace of Industry, the Jewellery Section and the Food Section. Stand by Edward Maufe.The Palace of Industry, Nobel Industries, two displays.

E. Decorative paintings by students of Goldsmith's on the theme of Rubber, Eric Fraser, Rowland Hilder and W.Larkins. Map by J.C.Betts, Nobel Industries