The scene inside a railway carriage after a crash, Long Island Railroad Company in 1950 American photo May 1955.

Earthquake scenes X 2

a wrecked car from POPULAR SCIENCE April 1945

It is central to the Romantic spirit that it is moved by the crumbling remians of once great civilisations.

01 coloured engraving, source unknown The Ruins of Persepholis 13 x18 cms

02 engraving by F.Berardi insc. "Cio' ch'erse il fasto, or cupre arena ed erba" Ruins in the Roman Campagna 19 x 26 cms c1720

03 anonymous engraving for The Complete English Traveller "Prospect of the Ruins of Glastonbury Abbey in Somersetshire." 18.5 x 30cms c1720

This section is dedicated to the visual language of those imaes that communicate the disturbance of an established or aggregating ORDER.

Dedicated to Aaron Scharf who led early discussions on the subject.