Benjamin Keach, The Glorious Lover, London 1679, Christ tramples on the devils (behind a sheet)
The Burry Man, UK c1905
Wife Swapping, Man's Adventure, 1964
Students fear recognition c1950
"Don't turn your back" Community Fund
"Room at the Top" Transamerica Corp.
'It's no use looking Blank..." Weekly Illustrated 1940
Mud Packs for Beauty Weekly Illustrated March 1940
Mine's a Minor, cigarette advert 1940
Adrian Schoonbeek costumes of the religious orders, Amsterdam 1688
Shrouds in the Crowd, road safety US c1955 detail
James McMillan FORTUNE illustration re Personnel
N.Stoecklin, poster for PKZ 1934 (figure turned away)
JOHN LEECH, On the Riverbank, for PUNCH (see also AOI)
Protective clothing for the Miner 1849

Golzius, The Followers of Cadmus devoured by Dragons, engraving


see the figure seen from behind