This is a very difficult challenge - to draw the headlong plunge so it doesn't look as if the figure is



disco dancing

Several myths and stories depend on the depiction of the Fall.

01. from a French edition of de la Motte's Telemachus date unknown 9 x 15cms

02. from Joan Hassall's illustrations to RLS, The Child's Garden of Verse, 03. GUSTAVE DORE'S illustration to Le Capitaine Fracasse, wood engraving
Paris 1881

04 Mon Journal December 1894 13 x 20 cms illustration by H.Gerbault

05. from an American insurance advert August 1955 and probably the most artificial of all staging for the genre...He is nestled into a step and kicking his arms and legs about. Difficult to register falling with such a sharp focus.
05 shows the most incompetent image I have found of the act of falling, all in the cause of Health and Safety, and the profit requiremnts of the Insurance Industry.