MARCH 1940 Managers of Steel; American radiator; Aircraft Boom; FORTUNE Survey.
MAY 1941 Defence Zones, USSR battle front
OCTOBER 1941 Revolution in Agriculture ; The Heavy Bomber ; Business in Britain ; Brazil
APRIL 1942 Sorensen of the Rouge; Total Mobilisation; Hollywood in Uniform; War Production Boards; Oils in 1940
MARCH 1943 Revolution in Agriculture ; The Heavy Bomber ; Business in Britain ; Brazil
MAY 1943 Harbor Fleet; China's Last Lifeline ; Composition of the Index; Government by Commission ; Syracuse Today ; Great Circle Airways
SEPTEMBER 1943 Earth Movers, Wine, Foreign Policy; Wage Incentive, Agricultural Machinery
NOVEMBER 1943 Britain's Balance Sheet; Air Traffic Control;Road to Russia; Railroads for Asia; adequate diet.
JANUARY 1944 Shortage of Oil, Jack and Heintz, The First Canadian Army.
MARCH 1944 A World Constitution , Invasion Tactics. Magnesium. How Hotels make Money.
APRIL 1944 special issue on Japan. FORTUNE survey
JANUARY 1945 Freeing Paris, Bombing Germany. Survey on National Values.
AUGUST 1945 China's Race against Time; Bethlehem Ship; Steam Power Rolling;Next Business generation; Farm Supply Store; World\s Greatest Airline
OCTOBER 1945 War on Japan, Radar,Production line changes, Blueprint. US Sugar
NOVEMBER 1945 Europe Overnight; Will Clayton's Cotton;US overseas airlines; General Motors; China
APRIL 1946 Housing , Prefabrication, Buckminster Futller,
DECEMBER 1946 Old Age, The Ruhr, Murray Hill Hotel, BIKINI, Fred Crawford's Company , Endless Voyage (refugees) Costume Jewellery

OCTOBER 1947 Dr Pepper's Drink , China, Horace Bristol photographs, World Shortge of Pulp diagram. Migration in Europe, Attitudes to Russia in the Survey.

JANUARY 1948 Unilever's Africa, Ralston's Purina, Power of the West , Home Workshops

OCTOBER 1948 Farm Horsepower; Chrysler ; The Scientists; Arrival in Cincinnati

DECEMBER 1948 Sark in Steel; French workers ; Metal Analyser ; The Explorers, Joe Jones.

APRIL 1949 Ralph Steiner, Du Pont Boss, Japan, New Haven drawings Jamieson. Movies end of an Era? , Burtin layout.
MAY 1949 McElroy of Proctor & Gamble, California's Cotton Rush, It's Hot in Venzuela, Mechanical Brains
JANUARY 1950 Canada's Oil Frontier, Spring Mills, Planetary Gears diagrams.
MARCH 1950 The Chemical Century; Watch the Yankees; Landscape of Industry's Leavings Factories in Miniature
MAY 1950 Britain's Road Back, Gentle Truckers , Puerto Rico, Plastics
JUNE 1950 Britain's Road Down; New Telephones; Sales Bosses; Foodfair Supermarkets ; Mining Coal.
OCTOBER 1950 Du Pont special issue ; Nylon ; Defence of Europe ; Agriculture.
DECEMBER 1950 Heinz of Heinz, Portrait, Battle of St Lawrence, Measuring Flatness
JUNE 1951 Carrots to Chlorine; Business rackets; Design with a Point; Gulliver goes to Washington
AUGUST 1951 TVs time of troubles; the Motel; Soviet Aspirations ;New Ways with Concrete
OCTOBER 1951 This is a Laboratory, The Jersey Company, Formica, Rubber
FEBRUARY 1952 Imperial Washington, The Troubled Press, The Establishment Houses in Washington. Lawyers and Lobbyists
AUGUST 1952 CANADA SPECIAL ISSUE, What is a Canadian? The Celanese Adventure, Howe of Canada portrait. The Big Sale.
MAY 1953 Design without clients, RKO, The Transients
JULY 1953 Suburbs, CBS, The Atom, Jersey Truck Farmers,Modern Executive Offices.
AUGUST 1954 Phillips Petroleum, US Climate, Motorola, Business Films. Eberhard of Caterpillar.
NOVEMBER 1954 RCA Centre built, Levels of Customer, Fitting the Machines to the Man, e.g. Reading Machine instructions. Phones for Human Use. Oliver of American Sugar.
MARCH 1956 Proctor and Gamble, Bell Aircraft, Consumer Credit, Architecture's New Technology
JULY 1958 Business Holiday Homes, Henry Kaiser's Aluminium, Medecine's New Frontier
SEPTEMBER 1958 Iraq and Oil, Highway Construction, Colossus of Sugar, Coronary , Last Of Railroad Steam
OCTOBER 1958 Defence, Industrial Landscapes of the Mid South, Massey ferguson, Something new in the South
JULY 1959 Bowman Brothers ; Early Space Age; Weyerhauser Timber ; Kalamazoo
NOVEMBER 1959 Aviation Dafety ; Reeking and Roaring Cuyahoga ;Air Traffic Control
FEBRUARY 1960 New York Issue. The New Town. Bridges that Staple a City. Building Boom.
AUGUST 1960 Business Strategies for the 1960's. The Receptionist. Trading Stamps.
DECEMBER 1960 Zteel, Steel Consumption, Zenith TV, Skyscrapers , Construction techniques , Chemical Plant plan
AUGUST 1961 Business in Germany. Hospitals. The Shapes of Sound.
SEPTEMBER 1961 Businessman and the Negro, Running a Railroad, Shopping Centre, Vanishing Glory in Business Buildings
MAY 1962 the Art of Painting a Bridge, Business Piots, Mix of New Materials, Making a Supermagnet
FEBRUARY 1963 Laying a Pipeline, Old Europe's fretting again, The Brain.
OCTOBER 1963 Banks and Money; Coal's Comeback :Real estate :Steel Company in an age of Culture.
NOVEMBER 1964 Mighty Heir to Gutenberg ; The Japanese Giant - Mitsubishi ; synthetics cutting machine ; Urban Transit; Building Campuses


Looking at my FORTUNE archive, I was recently struck by how my researches may have stressed individual contributions but fragmented any sense of the identity of the magazine as it develped over the period that interested me. I hope it may now be possible to see the transitions between the various Art Directors, from Brennan, to Piening to Burtin to Lionni.

I have tried to include a menu, a masthead, and a panel of acknowledgments. Every now and then key advertising images are tipped into the mix.


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