grid/anti-grid EDITORIAL DESIGN



Editorial Design Lay-out : varying the grid.

In support of examples of notable design work brought in for the session.

July 1994 teaching image sequence

Magazine design; representative layout work

1.1 Fortune Magazine , November 1947, The American Bazaar, lay-out by Will Burtin. for Burtin's views on designing for communication see G.Kepes(ed) Education of Vision, Braziller, New York, 1965p.78 ff; see also Paul Rand in this volume, "Design and the Play Instinct".

1.2 Avant Garde , November 1968, art directed by Herb Lubalin; see Peckolick, Herb Lubalin

1.3 Foto , December 1937,art directed by Abril Lamarque; the pioneering photo journal of sensational stories.

1.4 Flair , January 1951, and March 1950, art directed by Louis-Marie Eude, founded by Fleur Cowles; celebrated for its hole in the cover of every issue and (very expensive) half-pages, bands of paper, and folds, with work by many distinguished illustrators and photographers such as Steinberg, Searle and Walker Eavans.

1.5 Modern Mechanix and Inventions , March 1935, William Kostka editor and designer, the pioneer of the gee whiz workshop magazine.

1.6 UPPERCASE , edited and designed by Theo Crosby, May 1959, also containing the typographic representation of Marcel Duchamp's notes for The Large Glass.

2. Catalogues

2.1 this is tomorrow, catalogue to the exhibition, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London august to september 1956, see particularly section 6, Patio and Pavilion.

2.2 Zoos, catalogue to the exhibition, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London 1982.

2.3 Pages, catalogue to an exhibition by Joe Tilson, Marlborough, London March/April 1970

2.4 Edward Wright, graphic work and painting, catalogue to an exhibition, Arts Council London 1985 (see also UPPERCASE above).

3. Books

3.1 Norton Juster, The Dot and the Line, a romance in lower mathematics, Random House New York 1963

3.2 F.Wyndham and D.King, Trotsky, a documentary , Penguin Harmondsworth 1972, designed by Dave King.

3.3 International Committee of the Fourth International, How the GPU murdered Trotsky, designed by Dave King.

3.4 David KIng, I am King, a photographic biography of Muhammed Ali, Penguin, Harmondsworth 1976

3.5 Asa Briggs, Marks and Spencer, a Centenary History, designed by Trickett and Webb, Octopus London 1984.


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Sophie Lissitsky-Kuppers, El Lissitzky, Thames & Hudson 1972

Susan Compton, The World turned backwards, Russian Futurist Books 1912/16 , British Library London 1978

John Elderfield, Kurt Schwitters , Thames & Hudson London 1985

Arthur Cohen, Herbert Bayer , MIT Press

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