This selection is drawn from an anthology of the Grotesque, which I find a useful filter for narrative images. Much of what is contained within may be found elsewhere on VTS but it is useful to see it all here together. I am interested in the often uncomfortable balance of the abstract with overt figuration. I like the concealed motif behind the boastfulness of the Curlique. In the section on Figures you'll find a wealth of humanoid inventions, such as can be found extensively in the work of Grandville, and the Reversal where the hunter becomes the hunted.

Implicit in many environments depicted by the artist, landscape, townscapes and corners of the garden, there is a hint at the presence of the Disruptive. How healthy is balancing the Rustic with the true spirit of the Dionysiac, the Priapic Herm among the Marigolds.

In the perfection of the Model City is the Serial Killer and Blocked Drains.


The Grotesque in American art