Booklist /Checklist

FROM THE obsessive fear of the creation, display or preservation of the image to the breaking or destruction of the image. A last lecture by CM for the academic year. One resolution to the problems of the Sequential is to remove or otherwise obliterate the image or images.

Anne Braun, Historical Targets , Roydon Publishing London 1983 - paintings used as shooting targets
Richard Misrach, Violent Legacies , three cantos, Aperture NY 1992 - shooting at photographs.
Arturo Schwarz, The Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp , Thames & Hudson L 1969
Ernest Gilman, Iconoclasm and the Poetry in the English Reformation , Downwent Dagon, Univ.of Chicago Press Chicago, 1986 - a standard work of regerence
John Phillips, The reformation of Images; Destruction of Art in England 1535 - 1660, Univ.of Calif Press, Berkeley LA 1874.
Frances Yates, "Broken Images" in Ideas and Ideals in the North European Renaissance , Collected Essay Vol III, Routledge Kegan Paul London 1984 (review of Phillips)
Willy Verkauf, DADA Monograph of a Movement , Academy London 1975 - visitors asked to destroy the exhibits

The work of Jean Tinguely


Film Compilation

Stanley Kubrick, The Killers
Stanley Kubrick, Lolita - shooting up the Gainsborough



Savonarola and the Burning of the Vanities

George III and Titian's Venus.

Peter Cornelius' Cartoon

Max Ernst and the First International Dada Fair Berlin 1920

Hitler's Kristalnachte and the Burning of the Books

Epstein and the Tomb of Oscar Wilde castrated.

Duchamp, Unhappy Readymade , 1919 Buenos Aires, the wind destroyed geometry book

Ceaucescu the deposed

The Death of Stalinism and the toppling of monuments


American invasion of Iraq and the Sacking of Museums -archaelogy in sandbags

"For every man is forbidden to make unto himself, any forme or shape or resemblance, of things in the heavens earth or waters; of any similitude, shew, or likeness; any frame, figure ,edifice, or structure, of man or beast, fowl or fish or any creeping thing , any image, type, or shadowed representation; any imagined picture, fabrick or shape..... So that it is not possible for the wit or hand of man to make any image or representation whatsoever, which cometh not withincompasse of the words and things forewarned of God." Henry Ainsworth, Summa Theologica, 1.84

"Two Playboy magazines used for target practice by persons unknown were found at the northwest corner of the Nuclear Test Site in Nevada. Although the women on the covers were the intended targets, all aspects of American culture, as reflected inside the magazines , were riddled with violence." in Misrach op.cit.