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Banister Fletcher, A History of Architecture, 1896 single page drawings (originally on a large scale and reduced for publication) of combinations of plans, elevations and architectural details. Endpapers with historical vignettes.

Eric Tschumi (designer), History of Architecture, 1966 from The Discovery of Science series - layout and montage, elegant and innovative.

Cyril Farey and A.T.Edwards, Architectural Drawing Perspective and Rendering, Batsford London 1931, 1949(2nd) choice of media and materials, point of view and composition, colour and rendering, measured drawings and sketches, phantasy and argument.

Lawrence Wright, Perspective on Perspective, RKP London 1983 artful aids, predicting buildings, textbooks and tools, optics.

Peter Wilson and Fumio Shimuzu, Contemporary British Architectural Drawing, Academy Editions, London 1993, a wide selection of real and imagined examples.

John Physick and Michael Darby, Marble Halls, Drawings and models for Victorian Secular Buildings, V&A London 1973, exhibition catalogue, the Architectural Model, competitions, designs for public and porivate, commercial buildings, schools and colleges, town planning, theatres, railways, carriages, exhinbition buildings bridges, hotels, museums.

for competition

Hilde de Hahn and Ids Haagma, Architects in Competition, International Architectural Competitions of the last 200 years, Thames and Hudson, London 1988. The White House, Houses of Parliament, Paris Opera, Reichstag, Eiffel Tower, Savings Bank Vienna, Stockholm Town Hall, Helsinki Station, The Peace Palace The Hague, Chicago Tribune Tower, Termini Station Rome, Sydney Opera House, Congress Building Kyoto, Amsterdam Town Hall, Pompidou Centre Paris, and two essays, Dennis Sharp on "Archtiectural competitions: a watersged between old and new", and Kenneth Frampton on Le Corbusier at Geneva.

classic texts

Vitruvius, The Ten Books of Architecture, reprint of first English translation of 1914 by Morris Hickey, Dover, New York 1960.

Sebastian Serlio, The Five Books of Architecture, English edition 1611, Dover reprint, New York 1982.

Andrea Pozzo, Perspective in Architecture and Painting, 1693, 1700, Dover reprint of c1707 English edition, New York, 1989.

Andrea Palladio, The Four Books of Architecture (trans Tavernor and Schofield) MIT Press Cambridge, Mass., 1997

fantasy architecture

Jean Ferris Leech, Architectural Visions,The Drawings of Hugh Ferris, Whitney Library of Design, Watson Guptill, New York, 1980, realities and fantasies. The lure of the city, overhead traffic, lofty terraces, imaginary metropolis.Renderings of UN centre, Johnson Wax, dams in Tennessee.

ARCHIGRAM, reprint of the 1972 Studio Vista printing, Peter Cook, Warren Chalk, Dennis Crompton, David Greene, Ron Herron, Mike Webb, Walking City, Plug-in City, Living Pod and Instant City. Techniques of drawing, collage.

Wolfgang Pehnt, Expressionist Architecture in Drawings, Thames and Hudson, London 1985

general (AUSTRIA)


Iain Boyd Whyte, Emil Hoppe, Marcel Kammerer, Otto Schontal, Three Architects from the Master Class of Otto Wagner, MIT Press Cambridge, Mass., 1989 see section on the Group Practice, watercolour wash drawings, line and decoration, ornament and abstract pattern.

model making

John Physick and Michael Darby, Marble Halls, Drawings and models for Victorian Secular Buildings, V&A London 1973

Robert Forman, Architectural Models, A Studio Make It Yourself Book, London 1946, The Value of Models, Materials and Tools, Working to Scale, Types of Models, Plaster Modelling, Domes and Vaults, Interiors, Detailed Models, Surroundings, Displaying, Lighting and Photographing, Handling and Transport, Typical Student Models.

Thomas Bayley, Model Making in Cardboard, Dryad Press, Leicester, 1958, tolls and materials, corners and windows, alandscape and finishing, area and site planning. See a model of a Norman Keep

Arthur Sadler, Paper Sculpture, Blandford Press, London 1945, 1955, mainly display but intersting techniques and lighting.


historical material

Giles Worsley, Architectural Drawings oif the Regency Period, Deutsch, London 1991, Public Buildings, The Country House, Smaller Houses, Churches, Urban Architecture, Commercial Buildings, select bibliog.

Wolfgang Pehnt, Expressionist Architecture in Drawings, Thames and Hudson, London 1985