"Now the language of images is everywhere. Everywhere it has displaced the language of ideals. If the right image will elect a President, or sell an automobile, a religion, a cigarette, or a suit of clothes, why cannot it make America herself - or the American Way of Life - a saleable commodity all over the earth ? In discussing ourselves, our communities, our corporations, our nation, our leaders, ourselves, we talk the language of images."

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Art Directors' Annuals for the following years

Vol15 1936

Vol16 1937

Vol26 1947

Vol27 1948 What Good is an Art Director ? Harry O'Brien

Vol28 1949

Vol29 1949 - 1950 ; Round Table discussion (Beall, Giusti, Golden, Al Parker etc)


Vol31 1951-2 The AD and National Taste

Vol32 1953

Vol33 1954 designed by Bradbury Thompson

Vol34 1955

Vol37 1958

Vol45 1966

general guide to american art directors





a general guide




general list









JULY 1935 launching The Fortune Survey - cigarette consumption p112 good survey of smoking habits in some detail

OCT 1935 The Fortune Survey contd

MARCH 1936 "Philip Morris" excellent background, good photographs

JULY 1937 "Old Gold Contest" using rebus puzzles

AUGUST 1938 "Reynolds' Tobacco" excellent detail of the design and building of the Camel campaigns

MARCH 1947 "Machine as Salesman" the Rowe Corporation, good drawings and detail

OCT 1949 "Philip Morris comeback...." the no.4 cigarette, the chairman's contributuin and the salesman's day

MAY 1950 "Benson and Hedges" the minor sensation of Parliament cigarettes, good article anon with details of top 10 fags in US in 1949

DEC 1953 "The Uproar in Cigarettes" Kings, filter tips and switching brands

DEC 1957 "R.J.Reynolds' King-Size Profits" (T.P.Murphy) - overtaking American Tobacco - reference to cancer scare - new brands etc

JANUARY 1963 "Embattled Tobacco's New Strategy", anon. excellent and much recommended on consumption and the health issues



SEPT 1932 a survey of radio advertising -Lucky Strike mentioned

MAY 1947 "How Well can Americans Live ?" p,130 what they eat, drink, and smoke

NOV 1947 issue devoted to selling, see image montage by Will Burtin p 108 the American Bazaar

APRIL 1952 "Why do People Buy ?"

AUGUST 1953 "The Changing American market" fisrt of series the rise of the monied middle classes

SEPT 1952 "The Language of Advertising " W.H.Whyte, discarding the old cliches

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SEPT 1956 "The Amazing Advertising Business" first of a series, Daniel Seligman; analysing the advertising boom

DEC 1956 Seligman no. 3

OCT 1956 "What a Country !" first of Burck article, see June

JUNE 1959 "How America's Taste is changing" second of a series by Gilbert Burck on the markets of the 1960's