01 from Apianus' Cosmographia, this edition the third Spanish but published in Antwerp in 1575
02 The first printed Star Atlas, Alessandro Piccolomini, De la sfera del mondo.... Venice 1540. The author, writing just before Copernicus' De revolutionibus , was a great and effective populariser of science.

03 Andreas Cellarius, Harmonia macrocosmica seu atlas universalis et novus, Amsterdam 1708.

04 from the Royal Encyclopedia 1788 -90



01 The Constellations drawn on the celestial Globe in a Soma version from an ancient Indian document. From the Hon. Emmaline M.Plunkett, Ancient Calendars and Constellations, John Murray, London 1903.

02 from the Royal Encyclopedia 1788 -90

03 Joannes de Sacrobosco, Sphera volgare ,Venice 1537 translated by Marco Mauro; a fine production of the classic book, with a good balance of text and image and a high standard of typography.

04 illustration from Christopher Cattan, The Geomancie of Maister Christopher Cattan, Gentleman, Wolfe, London, 1591. From the continents of Earth through the planets to the Firmament of Stars and to the Crystaline and First Moveable heaven to the Band of the Blessed Elect.



01 from the Royal Encyclopedia 1788 -90

02 Joannes de Sacrobosco, Sphera volgare ,Venice 1537 translated by Marco Mauro; a woodcut of the author with globes and instruments. The frame is studded with arcane references to the characteristics of the planetary personifications - Mars and Saturn at the bottom corners for instance.

03 from Sebastian Munster, Erklerung des Newe Instrvments... printed in Worms by Pewter Schoeffer in 1529.

04 from Sacrobosco's Berrimum Sphere Mundi published by Petit, Paris 1508.

05 David Gregory, Astronomiae Physicae & Geometricae Elementa, Bousquet and Socios Geneva 1726.


Tycho Brahe and Hveen, a pictorial display




Regiomontanus Calendarium 1476

Galileo Siderius nuncius 1610

Captain A.W.Drayson, The Common Sights in the Heavens London 1862 (selected plates)

The Observatory in Peking 1699

The Observatory in Peking 1738-41

The Observatory in Peking 1738-41

Francis Place print The Greenwich Observatory Camera Stellata, 1676

after Holbein Astronomic Chart of the Sun and Moon, engraved Rudolph Specklin, 1534

Fredinand Verbiest A Newly Made Collection of Chinese Astronomival Instruments, Peking 1674

Dopplemeyer, Tabula Selenographica Nuremburg 1730

Kepler, Tabulae Rudolphinae Ulm 1627-9

The Royal Encyclopedia, the Orrery

An Allarm to Europe by a Late Prodigious Comet, 1680

Reinzer, Meteorologia, 1712

Fernando de Enciso, Summe de Geographia, Seville 1517

Pantheo, Lunario Perpetuo, Venice 1535

a plate from an Atlas of the Moon Paris 1896- 1910

The Constellations, from Ptolemy's ALMAGEST 1514 after Durer

a plate from an Atlas of the Moon Paris 1896- 1910

see also MOONLIGHT


selected plates from Munster, Organum Uranicum