Filippo Calandri, Aritmetica , Morgiani and Petri, 1491/2. The first book of its kind in Italy to provide woodcut illustrations of practical problems and therefore a milestone of its kind - with woodcuts of real objects rather than diagrammatic or abstract representations. Where tables and charts appear, they are flanked (as here) with exuberant putti and ornate swags that contain oblique references to the main content.
 titlepage for Henry Van Etten, Mathematical Recreations , 1653, and a fine example of dense fabric of the multi-panelled approach. The composition deserves close study as to balance, flow from one to another, and whether any form of coherence is achieved.
 M.Bettini, Apiaria universae philosophiae mathematicaea... Bolgna,1642,an astonishing compilation of intriguing and entertaining mathematical propositions, and including a section of machines of perpetual motion. The volume is beautifully and copiously illustrated with over 500 engravings. The titlepage provides a fantastic landscape which is staffed by geometrical propositions.
 Daniel Schwenter, Deliciae Physico-Mathematicae, Nuremburg, 1651 - 3, the Sale Catalogue of the Honeyman Collection (Sotheby's London 1981, Vol VII) coins for this an innovative category, an " encyclopaedia of recreational science..."
The Title Page of Balthasar Licht's handbook on the Linear Abacus published in Leipzig, c.1500.
The 1513 Parisian edition of of the works of Joannes Martinus Blasius, the Spanish astrologer and arithmetician.
titlepage of the 1514 edition of Johann Boöschensteyn's book of business arithmetic.
titlepage of the Libro intitilado Arithmetica by Juan de Yciar, the Basque calligrapher and mathematician, Saragossa 1549.
The Title Page to Pierre Forcadel, Arithmetique , Paris, 1565.
The Title Page to Thomas Hylles, The Arte of Vulgare Arithmetic , London 1600, a book written in the form of a dialogue.