Getting the best out of interviewing people
Definition ; Interview, a meeting of people face to face , for the purpose of formal conference on some point.


the South African view on Minimum Force.
Vox Populi.
Helen Muspratt, photographer.
Bill Brandt, photographer.
Edward Bawden, artist.
The Fishing Party, the securities broker.

What is the perceived relationship between the person who asks the questions and the person questioned ?

What are the reactions to the questions ?

Have they discussed the event ?

How does the initial structure of the film set the scene for the confrontation ?

Is the interviewee being honest ?

Is the interviewee being dull ?

What is the danger of a particular direction of questioning ?

Comment on
the background ,
angle of vision,
when the editor cuts away,
when/why the director cuts to rostrum photography,
the framing of the questions
what image of the interviewer is presented
how silence is used, is it always a signal of failure ?



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