Rudolph Koch (1876 - 1950)

Koch was for most of his career the staff designer at the Klingspor type foundry in Offenbach. Early work by Peter Behrens and Otto Eckmann showed a clear Jugendstil culture upon which he built, designing revised blackletter faces. He combined the talents of punch cutter and calligrapher, two skills sometimes at odds with each other.

The best summary of his career is in Sebastian Carter's Twentieth Century Type Designers , Trefoil, London, 1987.

This extraordinary, beautiful little book of decorative alphabets - The Little ABC Book of Rudolph Koch (Das ABC Buchlein ) was produced in 1934 by a convergence of all the talents at the Offenbacher Werkstatt. It was written by Koch and Berthold Wolpe, and cut into lead by Kredel and Eichenuer.