POINT IT OUT 1944, (language through pictures)


You may suspect that, given the banality, incompetence and general mediocrity of this stuff from my own collection, I have overdone the material. Well, no. These books are often overlooked in that they were obviously hated by their owners. There is massive graffiti throughout . There are interactive scribblings. There are rich non sequitors. All of these titles are cheap and mass produced for the Classroom.

Their pictures are telling in their class and gender assumptions. Here are snobs, fools and wimps galore. Yet many of the street scenes and rooms for occupation are decidely sinister, with numbers hovering uneasily alongside inanimate objects.


I can reveal that they are also unpleasant to hold, particulalry the Beacon study readers which had a hairy washable surface that sits uneasily in the fingers. Be sure to seek them out in skips and Charity Shops. Look and then destroy. Relish the moans of agony represented therein in scribblings and violated stick men. Search the menu above for the Indian Warrior threatening a man in a bed in a landscape, and the meal before in enters the bubbling bag of the stomach. Don't miss the worst drawing of a woman opening a curtin ever to be published in the Twentieth Century.


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