The characteristics of the Look are

1. the main character who is in a world of her/his own but because using the product, is to be admired

2. figures in the space who observe the admired character with yearning, admiration and often pure lust

3. the admirers can be female or male, but in a heterosexual world, men observers are often envious and suspicious - desk clerks are thought to be gay anyway. Look at the lashes on that fellah - top row middle.

4. the admiring observer can be in he same space but also in an adjacent space, adding to the intensity as a voyeur. Outside a theatre, the main attraction (with pipe) cannot keep the attentions of admiring females as the guy in the suit swings by (mince?). An actress in her room above peers out in deshabillé.


Seen in Booth Number One, Hart Suits, October 1954

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