Clare, this is an odd exercise. Most of these books look the same, identical tricks, same blokes with moustaches and only the names are changed to protect the innocent. The covers are garish, the contents usually leaden. The selections from each book however represent my choice of folly, fudged drawing, wild hopes and unusual points of view. Above all, the selection is a tribute to the gestural possibilities of the human hand, often supported by a full armoury of arrows in the diagram.

A distinct discipline revealed in these books, is the failure of most people to draw a handkerchief. It looks like Mont Blanc or a Cow-Pat, depending on the quality of printing. What was intended as a graphoic revelation of Mystery, returns to Mystery through the agency of bad drawing.

I recommend Magic and Showmanship which addresses the issues of the relationship between the magician and the Assistant, and the suitability of gestures and pose. Look out for a clear diagrammatic representation of the higher you stand on stage, the more you will get noticed. I expect this to be reflected in your next lecture