GILBERT RUMBOLD decorative maps 1934

FRED CHANCE, Africa decorative map, date unknown c1958


anon , Holiday Magazine 1947, California


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An ingenious map by Ronald Lampitt at the back of The Open Road, his book with H.J.Deverson on cars and map-reading, summing up the models of car glimpsed on previous pages (Oxford University Press, London 1962).

Rojankowski, lithographic illustration to Frou ,No.4 in the Pere Castor Wild Animal Books , the story of a Hare, and here his tracks across the countryside. Undated c1939 and typical of Roja's brilliant Fauvist style of illustration

Leslie Wood
The Map of Taddlecombe & District from Leslie Wood's The Story of the Little Red Engine, undated c1950, published by Faber and faber with story by Diana Ross.
Helen Carter's illustration to The Gulf Stream ,The Vanguard Press, New York, 1945, and typical of her painterly approach with lithography.11.5 x 13.5 cms
John Held Jr., idiosyncratic map of the United States of America.

Maurice de Sausmarez Historic City , Chatto and Windus London, undated c1950, drawn directly to the lithographic stone, each page 19 x 23 cms.

Clarence Peter Helck's map (detail) for FORTUNE, 1931
Clarke Hutton, endpaper map for his book on the Soviet Union A Picture History of Russia, OUP London 1964

Rex Whistler. map for Gulliver's Travels

Boris Artzybasheff, advertisement advert for Time magazine June 1941 28 x 35 cms.

Henry Holiday, map for The Huntng of the Snark.