Many thanks to Thomas Bachmann for introducing me to this neglected cartographer. Alexander Rado (1899-1981) was born to a Jewish family in Hungary. Having participated in an abortive Communist revolution, Rado fled to Austria and then Germany in 1922. The failure of the Left uprising in Leipzig necessitated flight to the Soviet Union, but he was to return to Germany in 1926 to found the Berlin Cartographic Agency PRESSGEOGRAPHY. In 1933 Rado and his wife moved to Paris then Geneva, setting up agencies wherever he settled. His training in geography, cartography and political economics made him the ideal intelligence conduit for the Soviets. Despite his services and the strategic importance of the information he gathered, he was extradited from Egypt to Moscow in 1945 and sentenced to ten years for espionage. Eventually he was exonerated and returned to Hungary where he bcame Chief of the Cartographic service. (Information from Wikipedia)

Rado was prolific and effective as a populariser of geographic information.His cartographic approach bears comparison with another highly political map-maker J.R.Horrabin. See the latter's Atlas-History of the Second World War CLICK HERE