This was a session to identify characteristics of the Monster.

Film sequences

Funny Monsters, in Roald Dahl's BFG , and in Joe Dante's sequence of monster movies.
The Fly , (Kurt Neuman 1958)

The Magic Flute (Ingmar Bergman) the monster attacks Papageno

The Magic Flute (David Hockney)


The Thief of Bagdad ( Michael Powell, 1940, the genie in the bottle)
Into the Woods,(Steven Sondheim's musical based on Fairy Stories, with a narrative twist)

The Alien

They Live ( directed by John Carpenter, 1988)
The Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Don Siegel, 1956)

The Monster as Critique of Society

The Stuff ( written and directed by Larry Cohen, 1985)
Zombies, Dawn of the Dead (directed by George Romero 1979)
Metropolis ( directed by Fritz Lang, 1926)

Representatives of Evil

The Preacher ; Night of the Hunter,(directed by Charles Laughton1955)
Bluto; Popeye,(directed by Robert Altman 1980)

Monsters and Family Life

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
, (directed by Tobe Hooper 1974) Halloween , (directed by John Carpenter, 1978)

Monstrous children

Meet Me in St.Louis, ( directed by Vincente Minelli, 1944,the Night of Halloween, )
It's Alive,(written and directed by Larry Cohen, 1974)
Brats,Laurel and Hardy. (1930)


Goya, The Sleep of Reasons beget Monsters
Le Brun, animal physiognomy
A Range of Faces; B.R.Haydon, I smell a Stink
Nigel Henderson, Heads, The Whole Man
F.X.Messerschmidt, expressions and gravity heads
Cagney as Jeckyll and Hyde
Goya, The Giant; Caprichos and Witches
The Banality of the Monster, Philip Guston and Faceless Men




TONSON'S EDITION OF Paradise Lost London 1688

Cartari's Classical Mythology, Padua 1603

A recently observed Monster from a broadsheet c1701

Hartmann Schedel, Liber Chronicarum, Nuremburg 1493

The Captive Mermaid by Matania

Jacques Callot,The Temptation of St.Anthony, etching

Monsters and Giant in the comic Nugget

Hartman Schedel, The Anti-Christ from the Liber Cronicarum, Nuremburg 1493