It seemed too fortuitous that, recovering from a Pace Maker operation, and days after the most unseemly and shabby political event of my lifetime, we arrived at Shoreham Beach in pursuit of the wealth of beach flowers that flourishes there in June.

From the parking bay we turned left at the Beach this time, not right, seeking a change from the Widewater Lagoon experience.

Near the perpetually unbuilt skyline of the Polythene Palazzo (upper row 2) , and behind the beach huts, there was the unmistakeable silhouette of a Funfair attraction, bearing the legend "FREAK OUT"

The attractions had been assembled, showed signs of recent use, but were depopulated, in terms of attendants and merrymakers. They had the appearence of being abandoned .

1. Mega Slide XXL, unlimited sliding (deflated)

2. Skyflyer, twin seats that revolvethe skeleton draped with Union Flags

3. FREAK OUT, of no discernible function at the time of our visit although there was a Booth for payments.

4. Crazy Circus, a hollow facade with shallow balconies decorated with Clowns, Chimps and a portrait of Fred Astaire. In the bottom left hand corner a figure on all four creeps away behind a curtain with a knowing look (last image of row three, bottom left hand corner).

5. Misc, Mollie's Sweets , The Pride of the Century

Three youths sat guarding a stall where you could win a stuffed tiger. A man in a yellow jacket cleaned the Public Lavatory (third row). And a couple erected a miniature bungee jumping machine (top row, 3). The best view of the Crazy Circus was to be had from a huge pile of rubble roots and soil deposited by a bulldozer over several hours which I remembered from a previous visit .(second row of images).

The delights of Shoreham Beach and the row of Beach Huts can be found on this separate screen.