James Lees-Milne Diaries 1975-1978, Through Wood and Dale, p.92 with Julian Gibbs visits New Farm, Great Easton," Could not be objective because of the overwhelming charm of old Mrs. Crittall.  . To my surprise, Crittall, who invented all those ghastly windows that have ruined  the majority of cottages the world over,  must have been a craftsman of distinction. All the furniture in the house was designed by him, and the joiner was called Beckworth… The old lady with whom I clicked wanted to give me some  (Chinese Rice Paper) said she would let me have enough to paper a room. I demurred of course in front of the young Julian who looked astonished at the sudden liaison taking place before his eyes. Not sure how important architecturally the house is, but it would be a sin for all these objects to be dispersed.” Tuesday 13 July 1976